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Settling For Hotel Suites For Your Honeymoon


After all the wedding preparations needed to be done by the couple, their honeymoon will be the thing that will serve as their reward in the end.  This is the time when they can finally relax after the preparations as well as the wedding itself.


And in order to complete the whole honeymoon, it is better if it will be done somewhere in the place that can offer them the best accommodation and rest.  With this, hotels have become the top choice that will give people the pampering that they will need after their weddings.  These have all the things that will make a guest have a good stay since they do not need to do anything at all.  What they just need to do is to go at the hotel and they just enjoy themselves.


But if these couple would really like to be pampered, the best hotel rooms that they can get are the suite rooms.  These rooms are bigger in size and thus will give the couple the best room over the course of their stay in the resort.  And if you are a couple looking for these suites, you may want to try the following hotels that have the most beautiful suite rooms throughout the world.


The first hotel is the Hotel Santorini found in Greece.  They have among the beset suite rooms that never fail to astonish all their visitors.  Just like how Greece was able to preserve their ancient cities.  This hotel and its suite rooms have been a representation of what is Greece is good at:  architecture, history as well as the culture.  The good thing about this hotel is that it is very much accessible for people and are near the establishments and tourist spots.


Found in Cliff Santorini, the hotel started to establish its own name among individuals who are planning to visit England regardless reason of visiting the place.  They have all the amenities needed by the clients so it will really definitely a good way of being pampered and at the same time get all the things that you want for work and many more.


The next hotel is the Hotel Santa Caterina.  This hotel located in Italy is also considered as among the best honeymoon places to stay.  Located in Amalfi Drive, this beautiful hotel is surrounded a number of beautiful gardens that never fail to take the breath of the people away from their busy life and of course the wedding preparation that have taken away all their energy.


Their suites are also among the best as they will give you the suites with the perfect scenery for every guest to enjoy.  So whether they are there for vacation or just as a reward for themselves, they will definitely enjoy the place together with the person that they love the most.


Finally, the third hotel that plus the Fairmont Hotel and Resorts.  The good thing about this is that they are located within the upper part of the country so she will be okay.  They have placed this hotel to a place near Hawaii for easy access on different beaches.  In terms of design, Fairmont is using a number of different designs that are suited for the venue.  This gives the guests the best experience with every stay on their suite rooms in the hotel.


Another reason why people are coming to stay in a suite room is that they are offering more services than the regular rooms.  At the same time, they are also bigger in size and thus giving the honeymooners the feeling of having a master’s bedroom in a hotel.


By knowing these options, you will definitely find the ones suited for you.  And of course, you should not limit your search on these three hotels as there are still a number of hotels available in the market.  just ask them if they have suite rooms for you to occupy during your honeymoon.

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Choosing From The Best Honeymoon Resorts Made Available For You


Choose from only the best of what the world has to offer. Here are the ten leading honeymoon resorts in the world based on their high quality of service, amenities, location, and the scenic spots. You can never go wrong with any in this list:


Four Seasons Hotel in France. Filled with sophisticated rooms and amazing garden sceneries, this hotel is located a few steps away from Champ-Elysees. Here is where you can find the most hospitable staff and ambiance where you will be served with quality service. You can expect to dine with delectable meals while enjoying the view at the heart of Paris. As side trips, you can visit the best spots in Paris like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. At night, you can experience having some fine wine and drinks at the best Paris bars in town.


Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa in Jamaica. This has always been a top choice for honeymooners each and every year for a resort. The suites where you can enjoy your privacy as a couple are located right at the beachfront. Each has a private balcony which you would notice is built entirely in romance. Additional feature include those of interesting activities that newlyweds can enjoy like amazing nightlife, beach parties and other beach group activities.


Hotel St. Barth, Isle De France. If it is being pampered that you would like to enjoy as a couple, then you must not think twice about checking in these beach front rooms which serves traditional French cuisine. Other activities around the area include windsurfing, scubadiving, horseback riding, and various spa treatments. You can also get to shop around the exquisite boutiques in Europe and France.


Anse Chastanet Resort, St. Lucia. A multi-awarded resort for its offerings for the best romantic and honeymoon getaways, this is the only place where you can enjoy eating dinner while witnessing the beautiful Caribbean sunset. As you dine, you will be surrounded with candles all around. Enjoy most of your stay overlooking a one of a kind tropical paradise.


Esperanza, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. This is the perfect resort hotel if you are after a great combination of perfect beaches, wonderful weather and a lively atmosphere. They offer elegant suites and villas that could maintain your privacy – all of which are overlooking the amazing view of the Sea of Cortez.


Turtle Island Resort, Fiji. This is the resort for the ultimate and intimate privacy. Situated in the Yasawa Islands, you will only be joined by a total of 13 other couples out for their honeymoon getaway as well. Aside from their pristine beaches, they offer nature tripping tours around the place.


Cap Jaluca Resort, Anguilla, British West Indies. All private and extremely exclusive, this leading Caribbean resort would open your every day to the sight of the beach and enjoy all the varieties of the water activities. By night time, you can start enjoying your private dinner for two with a waiter ready to serve you.


Bora Bora Lagoon Resort & Spa. Considered magical and dreamy, this resort is considered a totally secluded lagoon paradise. Famous author James Michener claimed the resort as the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Even by just hanging out in your bungalow, you are sure to feel like you are in heaven’s paradise.


Villa D’Este, Lake Como, Italy. This would capture back memories from the late 16th century and enjoy a romantic time together right in the alpine lake of Italy’s northern area. It is overlooking the very famous Lake Como.


Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii. Situated in the North Kona Coast, the resort is surrounded with bountiful greeneries and glittering ocean water. You can enjoy and relax your time together in their bungalows that are a few steps from the beach.



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Experiencing Japan for Your Honeymoon


After the wedding, it’s expected that a couple should have their honeymoon at a different place in order to feel very relaxed after the stressful and tiring wedding celebration.  Aside from this, this can also serve as a good reward for the bride who has been busy planning the wedding.


There are a number of beautiful places abroad like Japan.  Japan has been a known country when it comes to culture and their beautiful places.  This is the reason why many people think of visiting this country whether it’s for their honeymoon or not.  The good thing about this venue is that you will find a lot of places to visit that will be suitable for your interest.


One of the best ways for you to enjoy this country is that you can get a car rental services that will help you tour around the city.  Whether you want to go to Shibuya, their shopping capital in the city when it comes to fashion and other things, or would like to visit other serene places, you will find these rides to help you go around the area.


Another good thing about this country is that you can try out some of their culture while you are in the area.  For example, you will find an area in the city where you will see their street fashion worn by people especially the younger generations.  This will help you see how the sense of haute couture and avant garde fashion is done in Japan even without the help of a designer.


When it comes to cultural ceremonies, one of their formal ceremonies that you can try is the tea ceremony.  This is where experts will prepare tea using intricate skills so you will enjoy your tea and experience some of their important events.


If you are into nature, the best time of the year you can visit Japan is during the time where Cherry Blossoms start to form.  You will enjoy the scenery of these blossoms on trees.  They also have a lot of natural hot springs that will keep you relaxed throughout your vacation.


Going to Japan offers you a lot of different accommodation from hot spring inns, regular inns, and even five star hotels.  Just book the lodging that will suit your budget and experience the country at its best in terms of their festivals or just seeing nature on this side of Asia.



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Picking Out The Best Honeymoon Venue For You


After the wedding, the couple is already on their way to their honeymoon destinations.  Honeymoons are the times when they will be able to travel and have fun after all the hard work in wedding preparation.  This is also considered as their first travel as a married couple.


The next thing to think is whether you would like to have a honeymoon destination with cold temperature or would you go to places where you can enjoy a hotter weathers.  If you can tolerate high temperature places, you can have a cruise or just a trip on beaches.  But if you want to play with snow or ski, then there are a lot of ski resorts for you to choose from to cater on that need.


Aside from this, your preferred activity is also soothing that should be considered.  For example, if you want to have a honeymoon in an active manner, you may want to try out locations where you can do more activities like water or other sporting activities for leisure.  But if you would just like to relax and pamper yourselves, then the best options for you are spa resorts or hotel resorts on other places or within the country.  They offer services that will supply for your pamper needs.  This will definitely make it possible for you to find the rest that you need.


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Things to Bring on Your Honeymoon


Weddings are also equivalent to honeymoons.  And just like this event, couples may also have their own dream honeymoon where they want to stay for relaxation.  There are a lot of different options that the couple can choose from when it comes to honeymoon but a lot of times, they don’t really know what they should bring on these honeymoon spots.  If you are among these couples who are about to go to your honeymoon destination, the following are the things that you have to remember when you are about to board your ride going to the venue.


If you will go to the beach, the first things that you have to pack are your comfortable clothes and sun protection.   Of course, it’s already granted that you will bring swimwear for this venue because of the beach so it is better to focus on other types of clothing that you can use for this travel.  For guys, make sure to bring your board shorts and sleeveless tops or shirts made from light fabric.  For the girls, don’t forget your tank tops, comfortable shorts and wrap around to enjoy the sea with your loved one.


If you would just go to other places without a particular natural landmark like Paris or Rome, it is better for you to bring your regular clothing and something that will keep you protected in any case of cold whether.  Since you will be doing your sightseeing on different museums or galleries, you must have a good, light shoes to wear and cream to keep it moisturize.  After a long day of walking around the city, you may also want to have a relaxing foot lotion that you can apply after showering.  This will relax your feet while you are sleeping.


Going on a cold location is also a good honeymoon idea for you especially if you are into skiing or other winter snow activities.  For this, it is important for you to bring several pieces of coats and other thick clothing to protect you from being cold.  You also need to bring types of clothing if you will go to places like Japan and Korea since their places are generally cold.


Now that you know the things that you have to bring for these locations, you are assured to have an enjoyable honeymoon and without worries that you may have forgotten something important especially on apparel.



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