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Real Life Wedding Stories
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Coco Jones and Dimitrios Papadogonas Wedding On Air… Literally!


You may have heard of a lot of different wedding venues in many guides online.  You will find people getting married in courtyards, ballrooms, overlooking lawns and of course churches.  But have you ever heard of getting married in a plane?  This is what Coco Jones and Dimitrios Papadogonas had for their wedding day in October 2007.


Dimitrios or also known as Dimi to their friends was engaged with Coco and they planned to get married up until the time their daughter already celebrated her first birthday.  However they moved their wedding day at a later date when Dimi was offered to hold their wedding in an airplane during its first flight going to Las Vegas.  With him being Virgin America’s director of marketing offered this unique opportunity, they planned to have their wedding inside the plane full with their guests.


The couple arrived right at SFO and met by music, champagne, balloons, and of course press.  They mingle with others and posed for some photos.  During this time, Sir Richard Branson, Virgin America’s owner, also arrived to be a part of the wedding as its officiant.


When the airplane starts to fly on air, everybody prepares for the ceremony as the bride is about to walk down the aisle.  Before she walked, the couple had their shot of taking a look outside the plane just to reflect before their wedding.  After this, the bride walked down to the plane’s aisle with the groom and Sir Richard Branson waiting at its end, with the “Love is in the Air” playing in the background.


The officiant talked using the PA system in order for everyone to hear the whole wedding ceremony.  They exchanged vows right on air and found each other more beautiful and handsome than the usual.  This loving couple made the clouds their witnesses together with their friends of their wedding.


During their flight, there are a number of caught moments on the plane like Coco’s mother being overwhelmed with joy for her daughter.  As her mother shares her joy, Coco also had some time to take care of her daughter first before the wedding.  Sir Richard Branson also had time bonding with the couple’s wedding.


This is one unique wedding that every couple would like to have.  Even the bride cannot believed that she will have her wedding thousands of feet above land but it’s a wedding that they will truly cherish all their lives.



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A Lovely Real Life Wedding Story


This beautiful couple crossed paths nowhere else but in work and Nick popped the engagement question right at the very top of the Eiffel Tower. When Penny said Yes, then everything was history. One would say that each moment made during the wedding was memorable. The couple arrived at the church by boat with Penny’s 14 year old cousin singing as they exchanged some genuine wedding vows with everyone important in their lives as their witnesses.


Since they were a first time couple, the wedding planning phase was terribly difficult for them. Their first major challenge came when they first had to decide on a particular wedding location, a solid date to stick with and finally a venue. Most of their families and friends are living overseas, so they must be able to book and prepare various flights and accommodations. Hence, they settled to get married interstate and they were relieved to have found good and dependable suppliers and vendors along the way.


As the major person responsible for the planning, Penny thinks that once you have settled with your choice of venue, then everything else comes a bit easier. The staffs you would meet can give you lots of other recommendations for suppliers which you would surely find utterly useful.


Penny’s bridal bouquet was composed of Casa Blanca Oriental lilies while Singapore orchids and white roses adorned the trai. Blue delphiniums and pale pink roses served the bridesmaid bouquets. Their wedding photography was handled by Peter Crichton Photography and they loved the fact that it was a combination of formal and wacky shots. The sunset photos taken were the best according to the couple.


The beautiful chapel where they got married is located right on top of water. The resort golf club they stayed in for their reception party was perfect. They were served delectable food, a relaxing ambiance, and everyone in their staff was just as much helpful and professional. They were able to share and take the burden out of the wedding couple.


Penny’s wedding gown was designed by Frederick Lee Bridal. It carried the design of a skirt and bustier-like top which was designed with intricate beads and chiffon. The skirt was utterly soft and elegant making Penny look like a true princess. Even her bridesmaids were glad to see their own cocktail type dresses which were perfect for the season. They found it as something that they can wear again.


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Ivan Hernandez and Debbie Gil Wedding


When it comes to getting married, the first thing that people may think is that couples will do it right on the place where they are born.  But of course, there are some couples who would like to have a wedding venue where they can apply their wedding theme.  An example of these couples is Ivan Hernandez and Debbie Gil.


Ivan and Debbie were living in Texas and they really love the state where they are staying.  However, they decided that it should be different for their wedding because of the theme that they want.  So in getting their seaside or beach wedding theme, they rented a private estate located in Maui, a place has been popular for its beautiful beaches and clean, blue water.


They set their wedding day on August 7, 2002.  The bride wore a very simple yet elegant spaghetti strapped white gown and a long wedding veil made from delicate fabric.  For her jewelry accessories, she wore a very simple necklace with pearl as pendant and pearl earrings.  Her bouquet is made from orange and yellow orchids that are good color combination for their wedding theme.


The groom wore his tuxedo with a bluish-gray euro-tie.  To complete his apparel, he wore a yellow orchid flower as boutonniere.


There wedding ceremony venue is located on a location where the guests can see both the palm trees, the beach, and the dark colored volcanic rocks that add to the overall effect of nature on their wedding day.  They set up an arch designed with yellow orchids.  The ceremony is very private so they have few number of seats set up in the area.


On the ceremony itself, the ring bearer and the flower girl walked down the aisle to be their attendants.  Once the couple are already in front of the guests, they nervously held each other hands and solemnly waited for the time when they are about to exchange rings.  When the ceremony concluded, the couple was announced and they walked along the aisle while being showered with yellow flowers.


The reception was set in the same location where palm trees mainly decorated the area.  A cover was set up to be their marquee while being lit up by ambient lighting.  The wedding table is designed using tall white glasses with the menus on top of the plates.


Without a doubt, Maui is a good place for them to get picturesque backdrops and the serenity that they want for their wedding theme.



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Christian Guzman and Natalie Gomez Wedding


Most couple who got married usually know each other at a younger age.  As they started to grow, they will start to feel that they are starting to captivate each other’s heart and then end up being tied up in love.  This is the same with couple Christian Guzman and Natalie Gomez.  They knew each other during their high school years.  When they finally entered college, they started to fall in love with each other.  They have been in their relationship for eight years when Chris brought Natalie to a trip in a beach.  When they were able to find a secluded part of the beach, Chris started to talk about what he feels about their current relationship.  He stated how he can’t imagine his life without Natalie.  He finally got on his one knee and proposed to her, leaving her not believing the things that are currently happening.


They set the wedding on May 4, 2007 at Maria Lanakila Catholic Church.  The bride wore a grown designed by Monique Lhuillier.  Her bouquet is made from orchids and tied with a bow.  The groom wore a traditional Filipino barong.  The bride walked along the aisle with Somewhere Over the Rainbow as the background music, which filled her with all the emotions.


Their wedding rings are also not that similar compared to what other couples have.  For the bride, her wedding ring is studded with stones around it while the groom has a Celtic inspired wedding ring.  His wedding ring has carves on it.


The overall wedding design is made of white and green orchids together with white linens that give it a Zen design that brings serenity to the wedding ceremony.  On the table, you will see several sets of flower centerpieces that are placed alternately according to its colors.  This Zen inspired wedding design has also inspired the theme of the wedding cake.  It is a three-tiered cake that is designed with fresh orchids on top while it is lined by brown stick-like design surrounding the cake.


The good thing about their wedding is that they made it possible to have a very beautiful wedding without getting any problems during the actual event.  All they got is very good memories of how good their wedding has been set and just make them feel very special because of the overall outcome in terms of design and the overall feel of the wedding.




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Getting Married With A Homerun


Have you ever imagined a couple saying their wedding vows on a baseball field? This tells the wedding story of two long time Mets fans who were Dave Kerpen and Carrie Fisher who made this dream happen for real.


Carrie’s first wedding was an all expense paid experience which her parents all shouldered five years ago. And for another wedding, she did not want to ask her parents the same favor again. Hence, to afford another expensive wedding, they acquired lots of sponsors to pay for every single detail of their much awaited wedding.


The Brooklyn Cyclones were one of the major participants for they rendered the stadium as the official wedding venue which happened last July 8, 2006. The same venue was used for the rehearsal dinner. The couple was able to collect huge amount of money from sponsors and gave away $20,000 to a foundation that fights against Multiple Sclerosis which is the David Wright Foundation.


Since the wedding was held after the game, the wedding event was joined in not just by the 400 friends and family members of the couple but also with the 8,000 Cyclones fans who went to see the game. The couple stood under a wedding canopy that is Jewish along with their 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen from the first and third baselines.


Carrie wore a beautiful and elegant white v-neck satin wedding gown with a mermaid-style train while the groom had a black suit that comes with a red tie. The wedding couple exited with a march under an arch made of baseball bats done by the Brooklyn Cyclones players.


Carrie says that as a couple, this is their dream wedding. She may not recommend this wedding theme to other average couples who especially do not have any solid background in marketing and sales. However, she still believes that any couple could achieve each of their own dream weddings for as long as they would work hand in hand together and really plan a great deal about it.


The concept of sponsored themed weddings started out in 200 when a guy from Philadelphia working for ad sales initiated the idea of getting sponsors for his wedding. This is in exchange of having the names of the companies included in all the wedding materials and pertinent stuff. Nevertheless, Dave and Carrie still found a better way to do it. In between innings, sponsor messages were announced. Humor was also integrated like in Carrie’s vow and promise of folding the laundry as they were exchanging vows at the home plate. Their wedding was an orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony led by a rabbi with the reception held privately for families and friends.


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Glen Strauss and Krista Tesreau Wedding


Wedding stories found online have been inspiration to every bride who is on their way of planning their weddings.  You will find lots of different stories online whether it is by other brides or even by celebrities.  One of these wedding stories is about Krista Tesreau and Glen Strauss wedding.


Krista Tesreau is an actress in a daytime television show met on a blind date.  However, the actress said no when Glen suggested them to watch a jazz concert together with his friends since it will be their first meeting.  Instead, she agreed on going out for lunch.  They found out that both of them love music and finally clicked with each other.  In the end, Krista went to the jazz concert that night.  They dated for several months before Glen proposed, which got a positive answer from Krista.


Their wedding on July 24, 2004 is a combination of traditions coming from two different faiths which are Catholic and Jewish as they ask both a priest and a rabbi to officiate the wedding.  Their ceremony and reception were held at Brentwood Country Club located in Los Angeles.


For Krista’s wedding gown, she wore a very elegant Vera Wang gown.  This strapless gown is designed with pearls and crystals that are delicately placed in order to provide high quality design only suitable for a beautiful bride.  She also carried a white bouquet composed of white roses, gardenias, and stephanotis.  In order to contrast the color of the wedding, the bridesmaids’ bouquet is made of roses with blush color.


On the ceremony, the rabbi and the priest enters the venue side by side as both will conduct the ceremony.  Instead of the groom waiting near the pulpit, he waited for the bride on the middle part of the aisle.  What is very noticeable on their wedding is that they have a ketubah or also known as a Jewish marriage contract that they signed prior to the ceremony.  They shared wine as a part of the traditional ceremony and lit the unity candle at the same time as it is the part of the overall ceremony.


On the reception, the guests receive a very unique wedding favor in the form of the couple’s favorite novel.  They danced for hours, enjoyed good food with the courses and all the candies served, and entertained by the couple who are both trained classical concert pianists by playing a piano duet.  Just like playing in harmony on their married life.


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Dimitris Boukis and Lorraine Kefalas Culture-Themed Wedding


If you will think of a wedding, the first thing that will come into mind is the usual wedding done in the churches and other venues.  However, the country has a lot of different people coming from overseas and started to be here.  This suggests that there can be a lot of different types of wedding themes like a cultural wedding theme.  This is what the couple Dimitris Boukis and Lorraine Kefalas got for their wedding.


The two of them met Lori while he was doing his studies in Los Angeles and doing internship in her church and eventually became a couple who loves to travel.  They have been dating for three years when Dimitri finally decided to propose to Lori on the Millennium Bridge.  This is one memorable and symbolic proposal because the bridge seems to be something a place that connects them to their new lives.


And even if Dimitri went back to Greece, Lori would make wedding planning as a part of her tasks even if she was traveling from Greece to Los Angeles and back.  In this way, they made their wedding to be very personalized.  They set their wedding on September 18, 2004 in Monrovia, California.


Lori designed the invitations personally and made it look like a plane ticket.  This is a sign of their love for traveling.  The good thing about this invitation is that they look very real and really appreciated by their guests.


The couple looked very regal with Lori having a traditional updo and wedding gown while bringing the look of Greece through her bouquet made from white orchids.  The groom wore a festive blue tie, yellow polo, and suit.  He accessorized the overall apparel with an orchid boutonniere.


As the bride walks toward the wedding ceremony venue, she was serenade by their friend who was a guitarist.  They set the reception at Chateau Bradbury Estate, which is perfect for their Greek inspired wedding.  They have a six-course Greek meal menu.  And to make them more special, Lori placed the Jordan almond wedding favor inside it.  Jordan almond is just the perfect wedding favors that will complete the overall Greek wedding theme.  Their cake is covered with chocolate frosting accentuated by roses and filled with raspberries and chocolate.


As you can see, there are a number of themes that can be used for weddings and this couple made a perfect culture-themed wedding that they want to have.



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A Winter Wedding for Coleen Seal and Jeff Wright


Wedding is considered as among the special events in a person's life.  With this, it would be an additional bonus if a bride would receive a very romantic wedding proposal than the usual setting.  And for the groom, it is also important for him to make his bride happy by carrying out the best romantic wedding proposal no matter how nervous they can be.  And for California couple Coleen Seal and Jeff Wright, they were able to have the same happiness in terms of their wedding and proposal experience.


They were on their way back home spending a romantic getaway in November.  After enjoying their trip, little did she know the next event that will happen.  They were already preparing for take off when Jeff, who is a private pilot, turned the engine off and then went down on his knee.  Coleen was worried about the potential problem of the plane but nothing would shock her more when Jeff finally brought out the ring.  She answered yes to the proposal and she even stated that this that this flight can be considered as the worst among all her flights since she cannot call on anyone to share her excitement.


After the proposal, the planning stage beings.  Coleen chose to have the wedding at the Yosemite National Park.  The reason for this is that she has been an employee in this national park.  She fell in love with how majestic and serene this wedding venue is.  With this, she decided to have everything that she loves on her wedding.  That is to stand beside the man she loves beside her and the place which has been a part of her career.  Aside from the venue, she also wants a winter wedding and it seems that the timing is perfect since winter is also coming near.  The wedding preparation has a personal touch since Coleen did the planning and preparation together with Jeff, her mother and other family members and friends for three months.  She is aiming for a relaxing and beautiful wedding day so this is the reason why she planned the wedding personally.


Since they will have their wedding during the winter time, they made sure that the wedding invitation is match with the wedding theme.  What would complement a winter wonderland wedding more than a snowflake-designed wedding program?


For their wedding apparel, Jeff looked dashing on his suit while Coleen is wearing her beautiful off-shoulder wedding gown.  She also prepared white boots and winter clothing in order to match the winter wedding theme.  The bride's bouquet also looked very beautiful with the combination of tulips, stephanotis, and multicolored roses wrapped using a blue ribbon to complement the overall white color of the wedding theme.


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