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Wedding Invitations and Favors
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“It’s about Time! Let’s Celebrate” Wedding Favors


If you will look online from different guides, the most common wedding favor ideas that you can get are the common wedding favors like wine stoppers, wine openers, and bottle openers.  These favors are elegant and classic but they already look very common and among the most used wedding favor in the market.


So if you want to have a unique wedding favor, why go for openers and stoppers when you can have a whole bucket with champagne on it.  This wedding favor is given a tag like “It’s about Time! Let’s Celebrate” as it’s a timer but resembles a miniature bucket.


Getting this wedding favor will give you a silver-toned miniature bucket that will look very elegant on every table design with timer.  This timer can be set to count down mode from a minute up to an hour.  It also has a small bottle of champagne that will add to the overall celebration theme of the event.  The champagne bottle is designed to look like real champagne that you usually prepare for celebrations.


What makes this wedding favor looking very unique and realistic is that it has shiny pieces of “ice cubes” in it.  Of course they are not cold since they are just replicas but your eyes can easily play trick on you once you looked at this wedding favor.  It really looks like ice minus the moisture.


Using the timer is very simple as you can just set it up on the right time that you want it to start doing its countdown and it will work for you as expected.  Twist it and it will start counting so you can use it to your timing needs whether it’s for cooking or others.


The size of this favor is just around 2 to 3 inches so it will still be a handy item for your guests.  Upon buying them, you will get this favor together with a gift box and an organza ribbon.  It also comes with a tag It’s about Time! Let’s Celebrate” with it.


This wedding favor can be ordered from at varying prices depending on your order.  The minimum amount that you have to pay for this very unique wedding favor starts at around $6 and can be as low as about $3.  You can even personalize this favor with a tag at an additional price of less than $.50 for wedding favors.



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Helpful Ideas for Wedding Invitations

Here are some ideas that you can consider having for your wedding invitations:


Come up with a unique and customized CD or DVD as your wedding invitation. You can save there photos of you as a couple and accompany it with some delightful music, probably your favorite love songs. You can also place in some slide presentation which depict of your love story. This is a new and more modern way of letting your guests see your invitation come to life.


If you are apt with creating websites, then you can go ahead with creating your own to serve as your invitation. Just settle for any site over the Net that offers free website hosting and templates. By then, you can start placing the details, pictures and other important information that you and your partner can do together. In this way, since a lot of people are in touch with using the Internet, they can easily access your site and have them to place their RSVPs online.


Consider using the bolder set of colors so that you can steer away from the orthodox type of wedding invitations. Try to use more images instead of text to serve as your overall design. Add some adornment of stickers and ribbons to make it stand out all the more and appear more personalized and customized.


If possible, you can also turn it out into a different shape. No rule says that you should stick with just the rectangular and square shaped looking cards. In fact, you can come up with some items to serve as your invitation for as long as you would accord it with your wedding theme. It is very important that you let the wedding invitation symbolize your personality as a couple. Let it amplify your common interests and share it with your guests through the design of the wedding invitation. For example, you are opting for a beach themed wedding; then you can come up with shells as your wedding invitation. Nothing is impossible!


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Cheap Wedding Invitations From LoveBug


It is common nowadays to have a wide variety of designs and styles to choose from for wedding invitations. Hence, this makes the process much more difficult than easier. Your invitations will play a big role in your event since it would be the teaser of the overall ambiance of your wedding. This is also a good way for the couples to know in advance who will surely attend their wedding and those who are not so sure. The typical wedding invitation includes the time, date and location of the wedding.


The wedding invitation is the first step towards everything else in the world of weddings. It does not matter if you spent expensively for it, what matters is that you have something to give to your potential guests for the event. You can see a lot of possible styles online that are cheap for your budget. If you really want to save a lot of money for your invitations, then you can simply have it as a DIY project. You can buy your own materials and have some friends or your partner to finish the stuff with you.


What you write inside the invitation matters too a great deal. Of course, you do not want to have wrong grammar or even wrong spelling in your invitations. For your wedding, everything deserves to be perfect. No matter how elegant or beautiful your invitations look like, they would still be a great mess if they have inappropriate wording.


For as long as you know what the possibilities are, you can be able to meet your personal requirements when it comes to wedding invitations. Remember, you need not spend a fortune on invitations. Hence, if you want discount wedding invitations, there are reliable sites over the Internet like LoveBug Wedding Invitations who can help you save a lot on your budget. They can offer you  a wide array of affordable wedding invitations.


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Buy Wedding Favors Online Has Some Special Deals For Summer Weddings


Buy Wedding Favors Online, being one of the most dependable wedding favors provider over the Net today has just recently emerged with a vast range of wedding favors for their cool summer collection. These are all offered in super low prices. Many of these favors they are offering include the Beach Chair Party Favor Adirondack Tealight, the Beach Palm Tree Globe Favors Beach Bottle Stopper, and many more. These classic summer wedding favors are perfect for weddings that are beach themed. Other appropriate favors would be the wine charms, cookie cutters, and tea light holders.


For party events set in a natural environment, the sea shell party favors and candle wedding favors can be appropriate. You can have creative gifts out of the sea shell bookmarks, flip flop soaps, etc. Many couples today who go for a beach wedding usually just do their invitations on their own. However, Buy Wedding Favors Online understands too the couples who really find it taskful to spend even a bit of their time on still having to do the invitations.


The entire wedding event would make you definitely busy already that it would stress you more to even handle the details and particulars of the invitations. Hence, But Wedding Favors Online can do this task on your behalf. They want to carry on with this task and just watch you be pre-occupied with the rest of the aspects of your wedding that needs to be settled. So if you want to stumble upon affordable and yet amazing party favors online for any kind of wedding theme, check out Buy Wedding Favors Online!


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Recommended Site for Wedding Invitations and Favors


For wedding invitations, it is very important for couples to know that one of the latest trends for wedding color motifs these days is black.  With this, people should not be shocked if there are people who will send out black colored or themed invitation to their guests.  The reason for this is that it adds a touch of elegance to wedding invitations just like in other items that is black in color.


One of the ways to incorporate the black color on this invitation is through placing them as borders on the wedding invitation.  And in order to add more elegance, a white-colored lining on the black borders.  The reason on this is that it gives an additional effect on the wedding invitation.  Aside from using it as a border, spiral designs can also be added to the wedding invitation for more elegant effect.  Then the texts will also be printed in black color.  The couple can also insert a nice black and white picture that will complete the overall elegant look of the wedding invitation.  This type of wedding invitation can be obtained by logging on to and look for the design called Simple Elegance to see this type of design.  The price of this wedding invitation is around $1.44 each and also come in chocolate color theme.


For wedding favors, one of the popular wedding favors to be given these days is the towel cakes.  This is a type of unique wedding favors that will definitely like by every receiver.  At first look, you will be attracted by the look of these cakes.  They look very delectable until you realize that they are not really cakes but only towels designed as cakes.  This type of wedding favors will definitely put a smile on the face the guests.


The towels used for the towel cakes come in different colors depending on the type of cake design.  This means that you will have a brown town if it will be a coffee roll.  They are also designed perfectly so it can easily confuse people.  Nevertheless, they are perfect display in your homes.  So if you will get a towel cake, expect that you may be presented with cake rolls, cheesecake slices, sundaes, roses and many more.  You just need to find the design that you like and choose it for the wedding.


One of the websites that offer this unique wedding favor is and come in different prices depending on the design.  The price starts at $2.00 and up.


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Use Your Artistic Talents in Making Wedding Favors


One of the things that couple would like to personalize is a wedding favor.  The good thing about these wedding favors is that they are the items that will help people remind of your wedding day.  However, you may find that the wedding favors available in the market can be very common.


If you are someone who has the talent on a certain skill, you may use this in order to create a unique wedding favor for you.  This will help you have a personal touch of the wedding favors that you will give for your guests.


If you have the knowledge in graphic designs, you can edit a picture of you and your fiancé and place it in a specially designed picture frame instead of giving a bare frame.  You may have your pre-nuptial pictures that you can use and design whatever style you want.  For example, you can add different texts or you can use different effects in order to make it look very beautiful than the usual.  You can also combine different pictures and add different effects as well.


If you and your fiancé have the talent for music, you can create your own disc of music recording.  This is the best way for you to create a very personalized wedding favor.  This is perfect especially if you two play instruments or if one sings and the other is an instrumentalist.  You can simply record it and have it cleaned on the computer then burn on small discs.  You can just have around five tracks or more if you have time to record everything.  Just imagine how your friends and family members will be touched after hearing you practice your talent.


Finally, if the two of you have the talent in writing or if you have notable love letters to each other with your own personalized quotes, you can also compile them and have them printed on paper then create a booklet.  The good thing about this wedding favor is that you will not only personalize it but can also inspire the guests on how words can play a very good part in expressing love.


So if you and your fiancé have the talent on something, try to utilize them in making these wedding favors for personalization.  This will also give more value on the favor and to the guests since you gave effort in making them.


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Different Wedding Favors for Different Wedding Themes


There are many available wedding favors available in the market.  Because of this, couples would find a lot of different options depending on their wedding themes.  This is also the perfect way for them to compare their prices as well as the design.


So what are just the wedding favor types available in the market?  First of all, you can choose from a number of different edible wedding favors for your guests.  These wedding favors can serve as snacks that the guests can eat upon arriving in their homes.  Most of the time, these wedding favors are made of chocolates and cookies but they also come in options like tea bags that the guests can drink right at home.


The next type of wedding favor is the favors that can be used at home.  The most common of these are the winestoppers. Every house would need to have this item especially if they have wines or bottles that they need to cover at home.  Aside from this, there are also some that sell tea spoons that can be used for baking but in a different shape.


There are also some providers that offer favors that can be useful for pampering.  For example, there are some that offer scented candles that will be helpful for aromatherapy in their homes.  They can light them up in their homes to help them relax.  Aside from this, there are also some favors like oil essences as well as body wash and potpourris to make the house smelling clean and relaxing for people who live there.


But aside from people who are doing the usual wedding themes, they also offer a lot of different favors suitable for cultural wedding theme.  Asian inspired weddings can have a lot of different favor options like Chinese fans, edible and inedible fortune cookies, Chinese takeout boxes and lanterns.  Japanese inspired wedding can also have chopsticks and Sakura candles.  In this way, they will have the right wedding favors that will not ruin the overall wedding theme.  Thai weddings can have elephant favors since elephants are prominent domesticated animals in the Thailand culture.


So no matter what type of wedding theme you are thinking of, you will surely find the right wedding favors for you.  As long as you compare them in the market, you are assured to find the best ones suitable for you and within the budget you can afford.



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Do It Yourself Creative Wedding Invitations


Once a couple is engaged, there are lots of plans to deal with and be done as soon as possible. The wedding invitations and wedding ideas would always be one of the major things to be planned on. But regardless of whatever kind of wedding invitation and wedding favors you would choose to settle for, what matters is that you go well with the official wedding color, style and theme. These three factors are all that matters for you to make your wedding invitations and wedding favors a great hit.


If you would first decide on your wedding’s theme and color ahead of time, then the process of coming up with all the rest of the aspects of your wedding would definitely come in easy and handy. To create that total look for your wedding should be able to involved determining where you will hold your wedding, how formal the event would be and how much budget have you allotted for it. A lot of couples settle for do it yourself wedding invitation kits. Such renders an opportunity for you to give your personal touch and at the same time save lots of money.


However, if you rarely have the time to do such intricate things on your own, then you can simply ask your wedding planner to do this for you. However, in this point in time when everyone can choose to be practical, it is a sure deal to save lots of money when you make the wedding invitations by yourself. You just need to do some layering of a thin paper over a heavyweight and premium card and then just adorn it with some laces and ribbons for embellishment. You can also ask your friends if anyone is good with graphic design for they can easily do this in Photoshop applications.


On the other hand, the wedding favors are just proof of the carried out goodie bag tradition. Like in any other children’s party, every kid wants to take home something with them like a goodie bag. The wedding favor is the goodie bag version in every wedding event. With just the help of some thorough research, you can already make something out of simple and affordable items which you can just simply personalize as well.


Again, you need not spend so much on luxurious wedding favors just like the wedding invitations. In fact, more and more couples are really getting a bit more creative in terms of coming up with their own ideas for these aspects of their wedding. If the reception would be a simple fun party, then wedding coloring books can be a unique idea. You can create your own from pictures of friends and families or yours as a couple yourself. Print them out and make numerous copies for your guests in a design which they can color.


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